Super clean, friendly staff, and nice variety of sausage. I will be back to try some more of what this small business has to offer.

Sarah B.
Sarah B.Colorado Springs, CO

Top quality meats for you and bones for your dog. Our big dogs love love love the fresh meaty dog bones.  Quality at good prices and wonderful service.

Shawna S.Colorado Springs, CO

I moved here last September and one of the things I missed was a good butcher. I found him today though!  I bought my favorite rib eye and it was heavenly!  Tender, juicy and full of flavor. There is no comparison between the meat from a butcher and the ones wrapped in plastic is night and day.
I highly recommend you try him out. I look forward to trying more.
Support small, local businesses.

Jan A.Colorado Springs, CO

These guys carry fantastic product and cut to your specifications.  Try the bacon. So flavorful and the steaks can be cut with a fork

Mark S.
Mark S.Colorado Springs, CO

I didn't think I would get so excited about finding a butcher, but I am! Wonderful steaks, the bacon was crazy good, the honey bourbon sausages were a little on the sweet side, but I found myself craving more.

The owner was great about helping pick out some great cuts, answering questions about various things, and giving us great service. Dinner later was divine and I am looking forward to trying more of the goodies found in that shop.

Want something he doesn't have in? He'll order it for you! Really glad I found this treasure.

Are you going to get cheaper prices at the big stores? Probably... but for the quality I have found here, it is well worth a little extra money and supporting a great local business.

Sheridan “martini goddess” S.
Sheridan "martini goddess" S.Colorado Springs, CO

If you are looking for high quality, butcher cut meats, look no further. Now, I will say this place is pricey but I assure you, you are getting what you pay for.

Having had a side of beef and an entire hog slaughtered in the past, I know what fresh, not frozen, direct to the consumer meat tastes like, and this place has it. The main difference is, they are serving as a middle man, so the price is higher than having an entire hog slaughtered, but it is worth it for special occasions.

We pre-ordered a 7 pound rib roast and picked it up on Xmas eve. While we were there we grabbed a pound of fresh bacon ($125 total purchase).  Both of the items were phenomenal. The rib roast was well marbled and turned out amazingly well. The bacon tasted as fresh as you can get it and we savored every bite.

10% military discount on top quality meat! Come get some

Matthew P.
Matthew P. Colorado Springs, CO

This is the place to go in Colorado Springs for primo meat and cheese curds. They are more than happy to help you find exactly what you need.

Great product. Great customer service. Well worth the price.

Amy B.
Amy B. Peyton, CO

I buy my St. Louis ribs here and they are by far the best ribs I have EVER smoked. I decided to grab some sirloin one day and they literally melt in your mouth if you cook them right!

Jerry H.
Jerry H. Colorado Springs, CO

My first certified angus beef was excellent. The cleaning was top notch. I learned a lot about the beef and why it's special. This shop is a gen!

Jen G. San Francisco, CA

Great selection of meats. Good quality and cuts. Have decided to only get my meats from the Butcher Block.

Randy S.
Randy S. Capitol Hill, Denver, CO

Definitely a 5 star shop. Small with a good variety and personal service. I got 2 bone in ribeye steaks that they cut 1" thick. $ 36. Grilled medium rare, they were perfect. I will be back.

Rick V. Miami, FL

Fabulous customer service. Butcher ensured I got exactly what I needed. Offered advice and had great knowledge. Pricing was great for the quality. I will definitely be back!

Courtney W.
Courtney W.Designer, CA

This is not King Soopers or Albertson's.  Go here if you want superb high quality beef or pork, trimmed perfectly.  All the beef is Black Angus and the pork is procured locally.  Prices are significantly higher than grocery stores but so is the quality and taste.

D H.
D H.Colorado Springs, CO

Went here to get some burger. After seeing the price: we decided to just get steaks! They were great. The bacon is awesome! and the butcher was very friendly! Will return again.

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