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Dennis Burton
As young boy the owner of The Prime Cut developed his love and passion for the meat processing industry; that was nearly 40 years ago. Following the fires of 2013, Dennis made the decision to return to his roots as a butcher, and build on what little he had left. Dennis and his family were just one of many to lost their homes in the Black Forest Fire that burned 14,280 acres north of Colorado Springs.
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Customer Assistant
Customer Assistant
Beef 101: Follow the Ground Rules

Beef 101: Follow the Ground Rules

Beef 101: Follow the Ground Rules Ground rules for ground beef Keep these basic ground beef rules in mind:Always wash your hands before handling food. Goes without saying, right? Yes — but it’s an easy rule to forget when you’re preparing and serving food. Be sure your helpers follow this rule, too! Keep cold folds

Beef 101: How To Clean Your Grill

Beef 101: How To Clean Your Grill

Perfectly grilled steak dinner ‘Tis the season for grilling and that tickles me pink — which happens to be the way I like my steaks (translation: medium rare to medium doneness). But before I can dig in and indulge in a sizzling bite o’ beef, I need to tackle some housekeeping. Spring cleaning should always

Getting Grilled – One Nation Divided

Getting Grilled – One Nation Divided

Getting Grilled – One Nation Divided The United States of America: land of opportunity. It’s what makes this nation great, and you’ll find this spirit reflected in the everyday lives and decisions of proud citizens. On the flip side, spirited and passionate debate is another hallmark of this great land. From sea to shining sea,

Super clean, friendly staff, and nice variety of sausage. I will be back to try some more of what this small business has to offer.

Sarah B.
Sarah B.Colorado Springs, CO

Top quality meats for you and bones for your dog. Our big dogs love love love the fresh meaty dog bones.  Quality at good prices and wonderful service.

Shawna S.Colorado Springs, CO

I moved here last September and one of the things I missed was a good butcher. I found him today though!  I bought my favorite rib eye and it was heavenly!  Tender, juicy and full of flavor. There is no comparison between the meat from a butcher and the ones wrapped in plastic is night and day.
I highly recommend you try him out. I look forward to trying more.
Support small, local businesses.

Jan A.Colorado Springs, CO