Sakura Pork

Healthy pigs make for tasty and nutritious pork

  • Our pigs are vegetable grain fed. No animal bone meal is fed to our pigs. Ever. Our pigs happily nosh on barley, peas, wheat, soy, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Barley is one of the main components of our feed rations. This results in fat that is whiter and firmer than what other producers, who use corn as the staple of their pigs’ diet, can offer. The result is a product with a richer texture and taste.
  • Our pigs are raised without the use of Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS). DDGS is a cheaper feed additive prevalent in the meat industry. Sakura Farms producers only raise their pigs with premium feeds and without the use of byproducts such as DDGS (a byproduct of ethanol production).
  • Our pigs are also raised without the use of Ractopamine, a beta antagonist drug commonly used as an artificial feed additive to promote leanness in pigs and cattle. We grow our pigs in the traditional way. Period.
  • Our producers use antibiotics for therapeutic use only under the strict requirements of the Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA). They also use a long withdrawal period that goes above and beyond the guidelines set by Health Canada. This ensures that are no regulatory traces of antibiotics found in any of our products.

At Sakura Farms, we make absolutely no compromises when it comes to the care and diet of our hogs. We believe that healthy pigs make for tasty and nutritious pork!

Super clean, friendly staff, and nice variety of sausage. I will be back to try some more of what this small business has to offer.

Sarah B.
Sarah B.Colorado Springs, CO

Top quality meats for you and bones for your dog. Our big dogs love love love the fresh meaty dog bones.  Quality at good prices and wonderful service.

Shawna S.Colorado Springs, CO

I moved here last September and one of the things I missed was a good butcher. I found him today though!  I bought my favorite rib eye and it was heavenly!  Tender, juicy and full of flavor. There is no comparison between the meat from a butcher and the ones wrapped in plastic is night and day.
I highly recommend you try him out. I look forward to trying more.
Support small, local businesses.

Jan A.Colorado Springs, CO