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Hunters are very accustom to the rumors that surface regarding wild game processing. Likely the most common is whether or not they are truly receiving their meat and only their meat back from the processor. The sad reality is, this is where many processors cut corners.

Here at The Prime Cut we process one animal at a time, no exceptions. This provides you to best in quality control and accuracy. One butcher, one animal, start to finish.

From The Shop

Top Rated Processing

$50.00 Per Animal

$100.00 Per Animal

$1.25 Per Lb.

$15.00 Daily

$75.00 Weekly

Beef: $1.99 Per Lb.

Pork: $2.99 Per Lb.

Snack Stick: $7.99 Per Lb.

Summer Sausage: $7.49 Per Lb.

Regular Sausage: $2.49 Per Lb.

Note: 10% Fat added to Breakfast and Italian Sausages (Not factored into listed price)

Regular Brats: $6.49 Per Lb.

Regular Smoked: $7.99 Per Lb.

Cheese: $6.49 Per Lb.

Super clean, friendly staff, and nice variety of sausage. I will be back to try some more of what this small business has to offer.

Sarah B.
Sarah B.Colorado Springs, CO

Top quality meats for you and bones for your dog. Our big dogs love love love the fresh meaty dog bones.  Quality at good prices and wonderful service.

Shawna S.Colorado Springs, CO

I moved here last September and one of the things I missed was a good butcher. I found him today though!  I bought my favorite rib eye and it was heavenly!  Tender, juicy and full of flavor. There is no comparison between the meat from a butcher and the ones wrapped in plastic is night and day.
I highly recommend you try him out. I look forward to trying more.
Support small, local businesses.

Jan A.Colorado Springs, CO